Thursday, January 05, 2012

McDonald's Oak Harbor poor service strikes again!

First let me start this post by saying that if it weren't for my kids, I wouldn't even be eating at McDonald's. But I am and the McDonald's in Oak Harbor is pretty bad about getting everything in the bags so here I am talking about McDonald's again...

I ordered the kids' food and then my chicken caesar salad.

I asked at the window, just like I always do but in a more pleading tone this time, please are you sure that everything is in the bag because last time I ordered caesar dressing I ended up with some kind of balsamic vinegar dressing?

Three (THREE!!) employees, one of them a manager, assured me that everything was in the bag.

Of course we took the time to sort through the bags (because our experience with McDonald's Oak Harbor and pretty much all McDonald's locations dictates that we check the bags) but there was a car behind us so to be polite I pulled forward as we checked the food.

Of course (!) my caesar dressing wasn't there!!

There was no longer a car behind us so I backed up to the window and told them in no uncertain terms how displeased that I was that my dressing wasn't in the bag especially after three of them told me that everything was in the bags.

The manager herself argued with me and told me that she put it in the bag. I snapped back at her that no it was not in the bag! When she continued to doubt me I offered her the bag so that she could check it.

Instead she went and grabbed a dressing, handed it to me and said "Sorry".

What?? Sorry?? Come on!!

I grumbled something at her about being tired of this from McDonald's and again she said "Sorry".

I can definitely say that "I'm Lovin It" NOT!!


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