Sunday, May 03, 2015

Albertsons and Haggen and Safeway … Oh CRAP!

File this under #WellThisSUCKS … 

Haggen took over the Safeway store and Safeway, because it would make them more money, took out Albertsons and replaced it with Safeway.

Expensive food at Haggen, prices raised ridiculously at Safeway, and now Saar's is in on the action. Hey if one grocery store can gouge our citizens then why not all of them?

No surprise with Saar's considering their family history but come on!

Anyhow, we're all screwed now because Safeway decided they'd make more money with a Safeway here than an Albertsons. 

How do I know it's so that they could make more money?

Well, first of all the employees have let it be known. Okay, chalk that up to disgruntled employees.

BUT, when I contacted Safeway direct they told me that they decided to change Albertsons to Safeway because … Albertsons wasn't doing so well in that spot.

Okaaaay but umm… 

Then why would a Safeway do any better in that spot?

Safeway KNEW all along that whatever store was in that location was going to start cranking in business because it would be less expensive than Haggen. 

So Safeway took away the less expensive groceries by killing the Albertsons store and is now sticking it to our locals by charging more than they even were before and laughing all the way to the bank.

And Safeway's response in regard to what we do with our gas rewards now that they took the gas station away? …

Thank you for your feedback Diane! We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Unfortunately, gas rewards cannot be applied in any other way. We will be sure to forward your comments to our Fuel Promotions Department for further review and consideration.

Oh My Freakin' Gawd!! Anyone who reads my posts knows that I cannot stand the phrase "we apologize for any inconvenience"! That is such a slap in a customer's face to use that phrase.

Safeway STILL knows nothing about good customer service!

Here's hoping that Haggen's empty parking lot will turn into an empty storefront and maybe we can get a better grocery store than Safeway, like the greater chains in other areas of Washington, and not have to cut our food intake in half because of groceries that are now twice as expensive due to Safeway's greed.

Update: Mon Aug 17

Haagen's still has an empty parking lot while parking spaces can't be found in the Safeway (ex-Albertson's) parking lot. Albertson's would have cranked if they'd kept it and we'd paying slightly less for our groceries. Such a non-customer-centric move to make customers pay more when they could have made customer goodwill by keeping the Albertson's (or not raising Safeway's prices - they just want to make more money off of our backs

Rant over … for now… ;)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dairy Queen in Oak Harbor Washington

Dairy Queen puts out a pretty good burger when it's made correctly.  Unfortunately their service takes forever.

I can be in line at Dairy Queen with two cars ahead of me and it still takes longer to get through than it does the Wendy's across the street when there are 5 cars ahead of me.

And when I get to the window and am asked to pull forward simply because the person behind me ordered only ice cream my first thought is "I've waited all this time in line and now you want me to pull forward?" and then I think "Well don't make their ice cream until they're at the window" (they shouldn't be making it ahead of time anyway) and then I pull forward.

Again I (we, my son is always with me) sat there forever before they brought out our food.  They don't stick around to make sure the food is right so if it's wrong (when is it not?) then you have to get out of your car and go in (I'm in drive-thru and there's a reason for it and it's difficult to get out and go in).

Of course the food was wrong so I had to get out.  I just walked up to their drive-thru window right where the other customers were and gave my food back to the clerk and told her it was wrong.

So we sat and waited forever again.  They finally brought our food out and again didn't stand there to make sure all was correct.

As we were driving around the front of the place to leave the parking lot my son was checking the food.  I was actually surprised to find out that they had gotten it wrong AGAIN!

So once again I had to get out, this time I went into the store, and told them that it was made wrong again.  I actually had to stand there and tell the manager what we ordered and she hand wrote it down to take it back there and get it right.

We were so frustrated.  By then what should have been a 15 minute trip had turned into a 45 minute trip.

I later emailed Dairy Queen corporate about a promotion and asked whether or not our local DQ would be participating.  As usual they were not, they seem to never participate in the promotions that DQ corporate emails to me.

Filling in that form was frustrating because it requires you to indicate when you visited (date and time). My email wasn't about a visit so I didn't have anything to put in there.  But the form would not submit without it so I had to put false information in just to get my message through.

In that same email I mentioned how terrible the service is at Dairy Queen and that our experience has been that the employees at this DQ are the worst of the worst in Oak Harbor (there are a couple exceptions and I have more than once complimented those employees for their excellent service).  What I didn't mention in that email is that the employees are often downright rude.

At any rate corporate forwarded my email to the local DQ and I received the following letter from the president of this particular DQ location.

Here's an image of the letter:

Below is the email I sent back to him and to corporate:

After this exchange, literally the same day or next I believe, all of a sudden there was someone named Ivy posting comments here that were direct attacks on me, very rude, and then she also attacked my other commenters or rather was rude to them and bragged about how much money she made off of Netflix stock and "thanking" my commenters (who aren't happy with Netflix) for using Netflix because she made all of that money because they're using Netflix.

I responded in kind and eventually she went away.  I do believe my final post to her busted her.  She's tied into Dairy Queen in one way or another (or it's not even a she and rather it's that president pretending to be "Ivy").  I looked at the Google+ profile for this "Ivy" and it was completely empty.  Kind of suspect...

Here are a couple links:

"Ivy" dissing me about McDonalds and fast food in general (When you get there scroll to the first "Ivy" post and then read down from there)

"Ivy" dissing my visitors who left comments at my Netflix page (When you get there scroll to the first "Ivy" and read down from there)

So anyhow, the president of the Dairy Queen in Oak Harbor Washington Donald A. Dreyer (funny ... he works at Dairy Queen and has the last name Dreyer - isn't that another ice cream brand?) has shown that he doesn't know how to handle customer service properly which most likely explains why the customer service at his store is so bad, it's what he teaches his employees from the manager on down.

I definitely would have handled a complaint from my own customer in a much different manner.

It's all actually really a bummer because when they do it right they put out a terrific burger.

Over and out ... I'm hungry for a good burger now but I'm looking at a plate of apples and grapes.  hmmm, not quite the same thing (but hey it didn't take 45 minutes to get it right!). ;)

Have a great day!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Brocato Vibrastrait Hair Smoother / Straightener comes with POOR customer service!

Just a quick post as I have many things to do today...

Brocato Hair - I bought a Vibrastrait vibrating hair smoother / straightener a little over a year ago and it comes with a 3-year warranty.

It stopped working.  It was close to $200.

Brocato wants me to waste my time (and money) at UPS to pay for a shipping box, then pay to ship their no-longer-working Vibrastrait vibrating smoother / straightener back to them, then go to the store and buy a new hair straightener / hair smoother while I wait for my replacement vibrating smoother straightener iron from Brocato.

Normally yeah, I understand the need to send something back to get a replacement.

But when the cost to send it back and then purchase a replacement until they send me one of their replacements puts me to the financial point where I might as well purchase a new Brocato Vibrastrait hair smoother / straightener then it's time to speak up.

The video of my no-longer-working Brocato Hair Vibrastrait vibrating Hair Smoother / Straightener:

Sadly now my hair is anything but smooth... :(

Way to go Brocato Hair with your Vibrastrait vibrating (NOT) hair smoother / straightener!  Poor Customer Service at its finest!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maybe this blog should be renamed to McDonald's Poor Customer Service!

When I started this blog it was specifically to highlight poor customer service in all areas of business.

But now I'm starting to think that maybe it should be "McDonald's Poor Customer Service"!

I have never worked at McDonald's (I was a Del Taco girl) so I've never seen the McDonald's policy manual but I do believe I figured out today what the first section of that manual is designed to teach their employees ...

This is how I see it in my mind:

There's a picture of a person (man or woman or even both) with plastic smiles on their faces and below the picture is the phrase "Please Pull Forward". And all of the employees have mirrors to look into as they practice, practice, and practice some more at keeping their plastic smile straight while speaking the McDonald's tag line "Please Pull Forward".

That HAS to be the first thing in the manual because I'll tell you what, they sure have that phrase and fake smile down!
Remember when they had timers at the drive thru windows that would beep when the customer had been sitting at the window for a certain amount of time? The timer was reset for every customer and the goal was to get every customer served and gone before the timer buzzed/dinged/whatever.

That way the managers (store managers up to top area managers up to the top McDonald's execs) would have an idea of which stores were serving customers well and which were not so that they knew which stores to try to help to better their speed and service.

Well, eventually that's where the "Please Pull Forward" phrase came from. When the McDonald's employee saw that the timer was close to dinging/buzzing they would ask the customer to pull forward.

That would reset the timer so as far as the managers and execs knew, the customers were being served within the time frame that McDonald's wanted.

Then when customers started refusing to pull forward (I almost NEVER pull forward when it's cardboard cutout food that is all the same anyway) McDonald's then started giving out cards for free Big Macs to every driver that they asked to pull forward.

When they started doing that then I didn't mind pulling forward. I figured that at least they were acknowledging that they didn't meet the expectations and they were attempting to compensate me in some small way for their incompetence in being able to keep serving their customers efficiently.
Why was I asked to pull forward this time?

FRENCH FRIES and HAMBURGERS!!!!! Because they didn't have enough ready for their customers.

Come on McDonald's!! Pull forward to wait for french fries and hamburgers??

So I asked "No one behind me ordered fries?" and "No one behind me ordered hamburgers?"

The McDonald's manager told me that she had enough french fries for a medium order but because we had large orders they didn't have enough french fries for us. !!!

And, according to her, no one ordered the same hamburgers that we did.


I've seen the burger patties sitting in bins already cooked. So what the heck??

AND, it's 5:22 pm, the dinner hour. Can't McDonald's manage their 'stock' better, can't they better predict how much food they're going to need?

So anyhow we pulled forward and waited, and waited. How long does it take to cook french fries, especially when it's one of your main food products?

They brought our food out and we dug through the bags to make sure they had it right and then came home.

When I'm being bad and I get a Big Mac instead of a salad I try to be a little good by getting rid of the extra bread in it and replacing it with another hamburger patty.

So I opened the box that the patty was in and this is what was there:

McDonald's Oak Harbor Washington image of their food quality (quality?)

How DISGUSTING is that??

When I put the patty (hah, more like crumbled ground beef ([beef?]) into my Big Mac it was in about 7 pieces! Since when did McDonald's start selling sauceless sloppy-joes?

And really, can anybody say (and be telling the truth) that a McDonald's employee did not purposely squish that burger before crushing it into the box? It's just too darn obvious that someone did it on purpose.

Plus you can see that the box that the squished burger patty was in was not dented, crushed, bent, or anything.

So the hamburger patty was destroyed before it was put into the box. Or at the very least it was intentionally put into the box by an employee who was very much aware of what it looked like.

Heck it was in 7 pieces so he/she had to hold all of the pieces in their hand to put it in the box or they put individual pieces in one at a time. Either way, they KNEW that they were serving an unacceptable product. What they didn't know is that I'd post a picture of it online. ;)
I've often been warned about the employees spitting in my food when I complain when I don't get what I ordered. After seeing this mashed up excuse for a burger patty, I think that I probably should put more stock into that spit warning.
What happened to customer service, GOOD customer service?? I don't get it!!

Is it that there are so many people in the world that are willing to accept poor customer service, simply because they don't know what good customer service is because they haven't experienced it, that it doesn't matter if business is lost when a customer that expects (and has the right to) good customer service but doesn't get it decides to no longer frequent the merchant?

Or, possibly the case here (in Oak Harbor WA) is that there are SO FEW fast-food restaurants in our area that if we want fast food we have no choice but to put up with whatever rotten customer service is being served with the not-so-fast fast food.

And don't pull forward! If you ever have pulled forward, have you paid attention to how many cars are taken care of before they finally bring your food out to you? And when they inevitably get the wrong food in the bag, unless you can get the employee to stand there while you check it out so that you can let her/him know if something is wrong, then you have to get out of your car and walk in the store.

Walk into the store? I'm in DRIVE-THRU!! I don't want to go inside the store, that's why I did drive-thru!

One time after I got my bag of food I then pulled around to the back of the McDonald's parking lot (not a lot of parking spaces) and I parked and checked my food.

As expected, it wasn't right.

Did I get out and walk in?

No way!

I pulled out my trusty phone, did a search for the McDonald's phone number, and I called them from my car, told them they got my order wrong and to please bring out the correct food.

They had to walk all the way to the back of the parking lot to bring me the proper food. I don't feel bad about it because darnit I paid for something and I should have received it and since I didn't receive it, it's their responsibility to make sure I get what I paid for.

And would you believe that they STILL got it wrong? She had to go back inside and then come back to me again. OMG(osh)!

I'll sign off simply with ...

Please pull forward (and marvel over my plastic smile while you wait for me to put my next blog post together). ;)

And don't forget to check your bag for the fries (and the burgers and the cheese and the sauces for the nuggets and the dressings for the salads and the straws and the napkins and the list goes on! ;)

Thursday, January 05, 2012

McDonald's Oak Harbor poor service strikes again!

First let me start this post by saying that if it weren't for my kids, I wouldn't even be eating at McDonald's. But I am and the McDonald's in Oak Harbor is pretty bad about getting everything in the bags so here I am talking about McDonald's again...

I ordered the kids' food and then my chicken caesar salad.

I asked at the window, just like I always do but in a more pleading tone this time, please are you sure that everything is in the bag because last time I ordered caesar dressing I ended up with some kind of balsamic vinegar dressing?

Three (THREE!!) employees, one of them a manager, assured me that everything was in the bag.

Of course we took the time to sort through the bags (because our experience with McDonald's Oak Harbor and pretty much all McDonald's locations dictates that we check the bags) but there was a car behind us so to be polite I pulled forward as we checked the food.

Of course (!) my caesar dressing wasn't there!!

There was no longer a car behind us so I backed up to the window and told them in no uncertain terms how displeased that I was that my dressing wasn't in the bag especially after three of them told me that everything was in the bags.

The manager herself argued with me and told me that she put it in the bag. I snapped back at her that no it was not in the bag! When she continued to doubt me I offered her the bag so that she could check it.

Instead she went and grabbed a dressing, handed it to me and said "Sorry".

What?? Sorry?? Come on!!

I grumbled something at her about being tired of this from McDonald's and again she said "Sorry".

I can definitely say that "I'm Lovin It" NOT!!


See my review at:

McDonald's on Urbanspoon

Friday, December 02, 2011

AVAS Flowers does not deliver even though they say they do

I ordered a beautiful and unusual (very artist-y) flower arrangement for my daughter to be delivered to her today as a congratulations for her graduation yesterday from college.

I kept waiting for her to text me to let me know that she had received them (she didn't know they were coming).

No text all day. When she got home I asked her if she received a delivery. No she had not.

What the heck? AVAS was supposed to deliver today but did not. They also didn't give me a call or send me an email to let me know that it wouldn't be delivered.

Why is this the way of customer service these days?

I will NEVER order from AVAS again and based on the complaints I've read about them this evening (not delivering what was supposed to be delivered) I'd recommend that no one else use them either.

Posted at the AVAS website: "We are one of the Top Ranked Florists in the country and considered by many people to be simply the best!"

What?? Top Ranked?? By who??

Oh wait a minute, that's right, with customer service in the tank like it is they very well could be top ranked (how difficult can it be to rank tops in a category such as "poor customer service"??)

On the bright side, YAY SHELBY (my daughter) CONGRATULATIONS!! :) I love you!! :)

AND ... It's back to ProFlowers for me. Why I strayed to begin with I have no idea as I have ALWAYS had excellent flowers and service from ProFlowers. I won't make the mistake again of straying from ProFlowers.

Monday, October 17, 2011

PriceGrabber raises rates for holiday sales period

PriceGrabber shouted a loud and clear BAH HUMBUG when they sent out an email to their advertisers with the message that it is raising its advertising fees across the board for the holiday sales period.

By 25%!!!

Oh, and they're doing it as a benefit to me and all of their customers. Pffft...

Here's a copy and paste of their email:

Dear PriceGrabber Partner

Effective November 1, 2011, PriceGrabber will apply a temporary 25% cost per click increase adjustment across all subcategories. This holiday adjustment is temporary and will go through January 15, 2012. Past holiday seasons have shown increased performance in terms of both traffic and conversion to sale. Hence, customer acquisition costs are expected to stay consistent with previous periods going into and throughout the holiday season. Additionally, the holiday CPC adjustment is created to offset rising costs to bring you the most qualified shopper during this period.

Please note this adjustment will take place on November 1st without any required action on your part. You will be able to view these changes in your merchant login on Tuesday, October 18th. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to this holiday season! Please do not hesitate to contact your PriceGrabber representative. You are welcome to reply to this e-mail and it will be directed to the appropriate PriceGrabber representative.


The PriceGrabber Team

Way to show your customers, those who pay to keep you in business, that you really care about them PriceGrabber!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Visits to McDonald's Oak Harbor

A visit to McDonald's Oak Harbor:

Me: Is everything in the bag, dips, fries, all the burgers, etc. 
Cashier/Bagger: Yeah, everything is there.
Me: (sorting through the bags) We didn't get our french fries.
Cashier/Bagger: Are you sure?
Me: Yes I'm sure.
Cashier/Bagger: Are you sure?  I'm sure they're in there.
Me: No they're not here, want to look in the bags? 
Cashier/Bagger: No. Sorry, I don't bag the food, I just hand it out.
Me: What ?? Then why did you say that it was all in there...

Another visit to McDonald's Oak Harbor:

Me: Is everything here? 
Cashier/Bagger: I don't know, I didn't bag it.
Me: ? 

Another visit to McDonald's Oak Harbor:

Me: Is everything in here?
Cashier/Bagger: I don't know, I just bagged it.
Me: WHAT? You put the food in the bag but you don't know if it's all here? 

Another visit to McDonald's Oak Harbor:

Cashier/Bagger: (After handing me some bags of food) ... Okay, we're waiting on your fries, please pull forward and we'll bring them out to you. 
Me: Why, the guy behind me didn't order fries? 
Cashier/Bagger: Yeah, they ordered fries.
Me: Well if you don't have fries for me then you don't have fries for him. So there's no need for me to pull forward right?

Another visit to McDonald's Oak Harbor:

Going through the bags at home and they forgot to give me my salad dressing for my salad!  I called, and the manager who answered assured me that he'd get my name in the book for a replacement.  And blamed the poor packing on another manager.

Go in at a later date to get my replacement and my name was not added to the book.  After much hulla-baloo another manager finally gave me my replacement.

After another visit to McDonald's Oak Harbor, I discovered that they forgot our chicken nuggets.  I called and a lady manager answered.  She was the one who couldn't find my name in the book for salad.

I told her that they didn't give us our nuggets.  She said that she'd put my name in the book but that if my name wasn't in the book whenever I come in to get my nuggets, then I wouldn't get my nuggets.  What??  I asked her to repeat that and I did understand her the first time.  If the manager got side-tracked and didn't get my name entered in the book then next time I go in I won't get my nuggets!  Since when is the customer responsible for the manager's blow-it?

See my review at:
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Is everything correct on your screen?

Since when did it become my responsibility to make sure that the order taker at the drive-thru has my order correct?

Why do I have to read a screen to make sure they've got my order right?

I've got people in line behind me and invariably I feel rushed in trying to read the screen to make sure everything is correct.

And then sometimes when it's not and I tell them it's not, the response is that it's correct on their screen and it's just not showing up on my screen! Jack in the Box is notorious for that (at least here in my town).

And then, on top of everything... You get your order and it's WRONG!! Why in the world do they make me read that screen when they aren't going to pack the correct food?

I know someone who went to Taco Bell and when they got home they found that their order was wrong so they went back. They were told that they approved the order on the screen so they had to accept what they received and purchase again what they really wanted the first time!

Had it have been me I can assure you that I would not have purchased again. I would have demanded the correct food or I would have placed a complaint to the corporate offices.

Although, I have recently discovered an excellent use for Facebook... I saw a post where someone who had gone to iHop took a picture of their food and posted it at the iHop Facebook page to show how bad it was.

Light bulb!

Now when my food is screwed up, I go to the Facebook page for that company and I post my questions there rather than go to the corporate website.

That grabs their attention real quick! Try it! :)

We are experiencing an unusually high volume of calls...

No matter what establishment I call these days (phone company, electric company, etc.) I get that message "we are experiencing an unusually high volume of calls right now, please visit our website to [conduct your business]".

Why don't they just say "we don't have enough customer service representatives to take calls in a timely manner so please grab a book, or your Gameboy, or iPhone/iPad, etc. and sit and wait until we finally have someone available to answer your call"?

By the time I hear that message I've pressed so many buttons (press 1 for x, 4 for x, press 6 for x, etc.) that my fingers are too tired and sore to do anything other than grip the phone tightly as I mutter things that shouldn't be said aloud.

And you know what's "funny" about that? I abhor calling, I so very much prefer contacting companies by email.

But sometimes a call is unavoidable.

Apparently so is hooking up with a company that has enough customer service reps to handle their customer load. =\